Ray Graham

Colonel, US Army (Retired)

During a 28 year Army career, my wife, Diane, and I traveled extensively worldwide. Settling back in our home in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri in 2009, we enjoy travel, camping, kayaking and fishing. Having been to almost every national park in the U.S., we still appreciate the beauty of nature and places to visit and camp throughout the country. After a childhood as a Boy Scout and many years of Army camping (they call it field training), I’m comfortable in a tent and extended time outdoors. Growing up backpacking and a career as a Soldier and Paratrooper, I was taught to not carry more than I could take in one lift. We travel light both internationally and domestically. Originally a car tent camper, we bought a roof top tent 5 years ago, then transitioned three years ago to an adventure trailer to mount the tent to. This lets us also bring our tandem kayak.

I started this blog to share camping experiences with others who have a passion for minimal but well prepared and equipped adventures.

I’ll blog about;
  • Personal lessons, techniques & equipment
  • Projects to make the experience better
  • Product reviews of gear I believe in
  • Blogs from trips in our tent trailer