Product Review of the RYSEAB Tire Portable Air Compressor

I just bought the battery powered RYSEAB Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor for my trailer emergency breakdown kit.

UPDATE. May 2022. I no longer can recommend this compressor. After my initial testing and charging when I got it, I packed it for a road trip to Cape Hatteras. During the road trip, I got a flat on my trailer. I added some fix a flat and used this compressor to pump the tire back up to pressure, from 7 PSI to 80 PSI. I put the charger back in the car and charged it back to 100% while driving. After driving successfully a few hours, I reached my destination for the night, and put the compressor back on to check the pressure, and top it off if needed. After initially showing the tire pressure, the unit shut off and would not power back on. It would not work after several attempts. I can no longer recommend this product, and it has been returned to Amazon for a refund. In its place, I bought a much more expensive but much more capable DeWalt portable compressor, which can be used with the family of DeWalt 20V batteries. Note that this link is for the compressor only. No battery or accessories, except a 12V DC plug that is conveniently stored in a side compartment. It is a great example of “you get what you pay for.” I anticipate many years of trouble free use from this while on the road and around the house and yard.

DeWalt 20V Max Tire Inflator

Initial Review (Now obsolete): This little compressor is fantastic.  It is light, remarkably small, and powerful.  It was well packaged and delivered by Amazon the next day.  I saw this on a recommended link in Road and Track and decided to give it a try.  On sale for $42, I figured I didn’t have much to lose.

The instructions were clear and easy to understand.  I charged it up with the included USB connector, screwed in the hose, and I was ready to go.

I wanted to top off my trailer tires before an upcoming trip, and the tire sidewall called for 80 PSI cold.  This would be a good test.   My little electric home compressor struggles to get that high.  

Hooking it up with the locking connector to the stem of the tire was easy.  Turning it on, it showed me the current tire pressure on the digital display.  It was at 60 PSI.  Using the plus button, I turned it up to 80 PSI and hit the start button.  The compressor came right on and I could see the pressure increase as it ran.  I sat it on the floor and let it run hands-free.  The large display was easy to read from across the garage.  It took about 5 minutes to reach 80 pounds, but it got there!  It ran steadily throughout, and there was no sign of laboring near the end.  It gets hot, and it is loud.  At the set pressure, it shut off automatically.  

USB-C Charging Compressor with Inflation Hose Attached

I repeated the process on the other tire, and it work just as well.  In 10 minutes of running, it used about 3/4 of the battery charge.  After the test, I put the compressor back on my charger (the compressor comes with a USB-C cable, but not the charger).  I noticed around the orange connector, it was pretty hot.  After reaching a full charge in about an hour, I packaged it up,  putting it away with the instructions, adapter tips, charger cable; it all fits in its own carrying bag.  

I really like this little device.  It seems to be well made and should hold up over time. A nice added feature is that it can send power out via the USB-C port to charge another device. It even has a small LED light that could be used in a pinch. 

Running a little compressor like this off an internal battery is so much easier than using a compressor with a power cord.  It does go through the battery pretty quickly, but should have no problem re-inflating a flat tire.  This and a can of Fix-A-Flat might be all that is needed.  It is a nice lightweight and compact addition to my breakdown kit.

This is not a sponsored review, and I did not get a free product or payment for this blog. If you buy this from my Amazon link, your price is the same, but I will get a small commission.

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