Who is Tent Trailer Camping 101 Written For?

I’m writing to the unique group of adventurous people, of all ages, who enjoy camping for the sake of camping, in small vehicles and trailers, immersed in the outdoor experience. People who travel to reach a destination then camp there, not at a hotel or RV park nearby.

Hiking Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona

I’m also writing to those who want to interact with nature, hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and being part of the experience, not just viewing it.

As a retired couple, we have the time and freedom to get away and just go. If you are like us, you don’t want or need a large and expensive Recreational Vehicle to get there. We don’t have room for one and don’t want to pay to store it. We don’t want to mess with winterizing, flushing, gray and black water tanks, tinkering, fixing all those nice amenities that are also the things that break. We don’t want to be tied to a site that has power, sewers and long pull throughs, so far away from where you are visiting that you need a tow vehicle to unhook and drive there. We prefer to be able to navigate hard to get to places, secondary roads, and camp in scenic remote campgrounds where our little trailer just barely fits.

Ruedi Reservoir near Carbondale, Colorado

As retired Army Soldier, I’ve learned that being outside, exposed to the elements, sometimes uncomfortable, is just another part of the experience. I enjoy being prepared, maximizing our small footprint. Staying minimal but not unprepared. There isn’t bad weather, just bad gear!

From my days of riding a Harley, I’ve learned that we can make friends with folks from extremely different backgrounds and circumstances, but have a common passion.

Overlooking Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone NP

I started this blog because I’m passionate about this minimal camping lifestyle, and want to share successes I’ve had, failures that I’ve learned from, and projects I’ve accomplished and products I’ve found to make the experience better. We are a small community, but through technology, we can share our passion, ideas and experiences from long distances. I’ll also share trip blogs from upcoming adventures, geared to places suited to the small camping experience. I hope you’ll find my posts interesting and informative!

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  1. I’m really enjoying your posts because I share your values of minimal but prepared camping. Your information is very useful. Thank you.

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